Rub and Rinse

A study that originated out of Australia has now confirmed what opthalmic doctors have  suspected for a long while. Rubbing contact lenses and briefly rinsing them before putting them into overnight storage and disinfection is  far more effective at removing any bacteria from the lens surface than just placing the contacts in their case ( a no rub technique).  There are numerous multipurpose no rub contact lens solutions  formerly approved by the FDA  and shown to be a very effective method of disinfecting contact lenses however this particular study has shown that applying a few drops of the multipurpose solution, rubbing and then rinsing the lenses is far more effective at removing bacteria from the lens surface.

The study was done “in-vitro” meaning that it was a lab study where patients had not actually worn  these lenses but the lenses were 'seeded' with bacteria and then afterwards cleaned and disinfected. The  lenses were then tested to see how much of the bacteria was removed.

So after removing your soft contact lenses add a few drops of multipurpose contact lens solution, rub both sides of your lens then rinse the lens and place it in the case to disinfect overnight.