Saving Your Vision

The month of March in the USA is labelled as Save Your Vision month which is a health push across the nation to promote the preservation of eye sight over a lifetime.It's not a promotional tour for the current eye risks and common defects surrounding eyesight that
appear when popularity for a certain condition becomes known. It is a push for long term education about the preservation for our eye sight which will go a long way in keeping eyes strong.
In order to preserve the sight we are blessed with, the five pointers to include in your health program
are as follows:
 It is never too early to schedule your first comprehensive eye test. Once the ball has started rolling then these should be made annually through your optometrist.Full eye examinations not only look at your quality of vision but can detect other health problems such as diabetes, cancers and raised blood pressure.
 The older we get the more we are exposed to UV damage from the sun. All shades should be certified to block in excess of ninety five per cent of harmful UV-A ray.
 Eye strain from the consistent and prolonged use of tech gadgets is getting more prolific the more we become reliant on them for work, rest and play. Respect the 20/20/20 rule and take a twenty second break to look at something twenty feet away every twenty minutes.Poor lighting and positioning of such gadgets can also add to the discomfort felt when used over even short periods of time.
 A mixed healthy diet will provide vital nutrients that are identified as aiding our vision. Zinc, Vitamins C and E , essential fatty acids and both lutein and zeaxanthin will all assist in the long term.

For contact lens wearers, make sure you follow your eye doctors recommendations for use and care to avoid damage to the cornea and infections.