Say hello to the state-of-the-art anterior segment OCT - the MS 39 from CSO

Say hello to the state of the art anterior segment OCT - the MS-39 from CSO | Hanson Instruments

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The MS 39 is a new device for the analysis of the anterior segment of the eye. It provides high resolution OCT images of the anterior chamber, combined with placido disk topography.

It can measure up to 25 meridians over a 16mm area, multiple meridians can be measured simultaneously, or a raster scale scan of the section can be measured.

Displays topographic and aberrometric maps of the eye and high resolution OCT images including thickness of maps of the Epithelium and Stromal layers.

Keratoconus screening is also available which provides the clinician with important information about the patients’ cornea.

High resolution images assist ophthalmologists with important information for the planning of surgical procedures.

Allows evaluation of the scleral conjunctival tissue and provides gonioscopic measurements of the anterior chamber depth and the area in between the trabecular and the surface of the iris.

Additional measurements include thickness and the position of the Crystalline lens, which is useful for planning intra ocular lens implant surgery.

Raytracing provides the calculation of spherical and toric lens powers even in patients who have undergone surgery recently.

The MS-39 can perform dynamic pupillography measurements under scotopic, mesopic, photopic and dynamic conditions of illumination.

The 16mm tomographic section and epithelial thickness map makes the MS39 very useful for the planning and application of scleral and ortho-K contact lenses.

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