Scottish Venure on the Move

Another eye hospital is set to move to better premises after it has been deemed unfit for purpose by health officials in Edinburgh.It is hoped that the Princess Alexandra Eye Pavilion will remain in the city center as so many health units that have come under scrutiny and advanced to newer premises have done so in new out of town spaces.Health Administrators have deemed an aging population as one of the reasons why the eye unit has come to the end of it's useful life. They have reported exceedingly long patient waiting times and this  also poses issues as to where the new location of the unit should be placed as many of the existing patients undergoing treatment are older, and have mobility problems along with sight issues.
 At the start of the year the outpatient department reported that the waiting times were 605 over the national guideline which was just about half of the figure that had been recorded six months previous. Despite a gradual improvement it still highlights the need for advanced treatment facilities as staff alike have been pushed to their capacity to keep up with the level of care that is being demanded.

MSP's are calling for the new plans to be put into place as quickly as possible and that the recruitment of new trainees and consultants to manage the new hospital is given appropriate handling and resourcing to provide adequate staffing at the appropriate level.