Sight Care 2015 Campaign Launched

Hanson Instruments

Sight Care 2015 is kicking off, for its sixth consecutive year, and is focusing on raising awareness amongst the public regarding independent eye care practices. Covering a wide range of media platforms, the group plans to continue its work in promoting the importance of regular eye testing.

As an organisation, the Sight Care Group offers support to independent opticians. It looks to help small businesses compete in an ever growing and more competitive eye care marketplace, especially in their local areas and communities. As well as trying to keep these eye specialist businesses at the forefront of the public's mind when it comes to visual health, they are also eager to promote the benefits and ethos of these said companies over your big high street names.

2014 in numbers

  • 15 million people reached during the campaign
  • Over 30 radio interviews conducted
  • Almost 100 media spots during the promotion

Following the overwhelming success of Sight Care 2014, SC15 kicked off with the same desire to get people thinking about their eye health and the effect of damaged vision on their lives now and in the future. The big push this year centres around the importance of using your local optician in your community and the benefits that they bring as well as dispelling popular myths related to eye care and eye wear that may be preventing people from ensuring they attend their regular check ups. This education process is hoped to attract more and more people to visit more often than perhaps they are currently, to ensure that their vision and sight is in tip top condition, as well as keeping them able to conduct normal activities that are so vital, such as driving and sports. The focus of SC14 covered such topics as sports, driving, fireworks, UV protection and also children.