Sight on Great Reviews!

The theme for many years in the marketing industry and especially advertising has been to put a well known face at the forefront of a campaign for endorsement or with someone that has an interest or attachment to the product or service in question.

This years big campaign push from the Optimax Laser Clinic has found a face for their service that reportedly first hand changed their life.

Djalenga Scott is a London based actress and dancer, with a score of productions under her belt since graduating from the Italia Conti school.

In 2013, Djalenga underwent new laser surgery with Optimax. With a fast paced and high profile career constantly in motion, the necessity  to be at the top of your form physically extends to more than just a lithe and toned body. Her eyes are vital for visual health to keep her in her profession. The new advertisement was launched as part of the new campaign for this year on January 2nd being broadcast over satellite channels. They are due to run until the spring and will be placed under review once the quarter has finished.

The actress currently performs in the touring production of West Side Story.