SmartPhone Adaptors

Remote patient care advice is being tagged as a new Instagram for the eye following the development of two smartphone adapters that are designed to help take pictures in high resolution of both the back and front of the human eye.The idea behind the design is that patients can take their own picture and the file can be shared with health practitioners or stored in an electronic record system. Long term it should hypothetically increase eye care services and reduce the amount of time it takes to give patient advice.Using just standard photographic equipment can not only prove costly with the speed at which engineers improve and bring out new models but they also require in house training for practice staff to be able to use the devices. Using the widening belt of smartphone technology with the appropriate " add-ons" for the relevant health service the delivery of eye care automatically becomes more accessible.

The adapters rely on optics theory to balance working light and distance to accurately photograph the retina.
At present they are being made available only for research use.