Snow? You Need Shades?

Children's eyes are at  greater risk for permanent damage from sunlight until they are at least 10 years old,  due to the fact they are  still developing and highly photo sensitive. 

Shockingly, ninety per cent of total lifetime damage from the sun's harmful rays occurs by age 18. Let's not scare you further by indicating how many of those children DON'T have regular eye examinations from age 5yrs.   Parents would ordinarily use sunscreens on their children when playing outdoors  ( the figure is 82%)  however only  32% protect their children's eyes with shades.

Kids sunglasses are available and you should be looking at 100% UV-A and UV-B ray protection, many are shatter-proof and impact resistant in this modern age.

 Even during these winter months where we are already seeing the impact of snowfalls, eyes should be protected from rays being reflected off of water and snow.