Sugar Alerts

Encouraging news for the millions of diagnosed diabetic patients worldwide comes from the results of Googles' own top secret X Lab who have announced that further to eighteen months research and testing, a contact lens has been developed which will  "read" a patients blood sugar levels.Traditionally, diabetics have to undergo the discomfort and inconvenience of regular prick tests to draw a sample of blood to monitor the sugar levels in their own blood so that insulin doses can be correctly administered.Now Googles' new optical device is implanted with a high speed  and minute glucose sensor , made up of embedded electronics including a wireless transmitter.With no loss of clarity to vision, the antenna is within the contact lens itself and is currently showing an output of one glucose reading per second.
 The future research of the lens includes a sensor for early warning of the patients levels dropping dangerously. They hope to incorporate minute LED lights that will flash or light up when a threshold has been crossed requiring action.

The lens comes after years of investigative research that began in the University of Washington.
Plans to market the device are in hand as Google search for appropriate partners who may already be marketing similar devices in the market. Researchers anticipate it taking at least another five years for the lens to be clinically available.