Superior Twitching

Botuli-nom toxin is everywhere in the tabloids and the A-list and Z -list celebrities of today's pop culture appear to carry the badge for it's prolonged use.
It also has it's uses in the eye sector world however, and those that have suffered from twitching of the eye may be relieved to know that it's a popular remedy when the twitch is large enough that begins to affect the images the eye is seeing.
 The official term for such a twitch is superior oblique mykomia as it is the superior oblique eye muscle which is affected. The condition presents as repeated shimmering or eye shaking which can give tilted vision due to the movement.  The trochlear nerve controls the action of the superior oblique muscle and it has recently been found that neurovascular compression at the root exit zone of the trochlear nerve  can result in the twitching.

Along with such drugs as Tegretol and Memantine  and Botox more research is required for this field where little has been recorded. One suggested treatment has been magnesium deficiency and there has only been one retrospective study of mykomia whch was completed ten years ago at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.