Tears over Wine

Trying to see anything clearly when you've participated in a little too much social drinking is the norm, but scientists have now recorded as fact that drinking alcohol has a marked detriment on your night vision as it increases the human perception of luminous circles or 'halos'.Scientists from the University of Granada have proven that our consumption of  alcohol deteriorates the quality of the image we are looking at  as it interferes with the eyes tear-films. How so?

Ethanol can pass into our tears and thereby disturb the outer most or ' lipid' layer of the film which speeds up and aids the evaporation of the eyes aqueous part. With this process comes deteriorated vision and optical quality especially recorded in low light.

Sixty Seven test subjects were asked to participate in their study ( and I'm sure most were very willing) as they were asked to drink various prize winning wines before being breathalyzed using a standard issue evidential breath-alcohol analyser. A laboratory devised halometer test was then used to asses the visual clarity of each subject and researchers recorded that the perception of halos and varying other night time disturbances was more marked in subjects with a breath alcohol level over the legal limit for driving. It is a valid and important public health notice with regards to the effects of alcohol not on just general health but especially linked with our vision.