A Try for Goggles Wearers

It's not the usual thing to see sports people wearing specs or corrective eye attire, but a change in rugby union rules recently has now opened up the possibility.

A new trial has begun that will allow professionally dispensed sports goggles to be worn by their under thirteen players, despite it being a contact sport. The trial has been introduced by The Rugby Football Union (RFU) and is a complete amendment to their regular regulations that have allowed barring of all goggles as it is full contact during play. Previously goggles were allowed for players who were under the age of eight and for non-contact rugby games. This will now open up the field so to speak, to players that might otherwise have missed out. The RFU have been in liaison with ABDO to ‘develop a practical solution for a wider degree of flexibility to enable social inclusion in rugby union’.  It will run worldwide and not just in the United Kingdom until the end of the 2014-2015 season.

Throughout the trial any match referee can object to a player wearing goggles if they reasonably believe them to be unsafe in any measure. Clubs must notify the RFU legal officer of all players participating and report injuries relating to the goggles to the RFU. The player’s parents must report any injury to the ABDO DO who prescribed the goggles.