Two Days better than Four

Research has shown us that embryonic stem cells are extremely valuable to doctors and scientists as at embryonic level they are pluripotent and can be programmed into anything in our bodies. However, not without some complications and struggle.Scientists will tell you that they do not always behave as they should within the lab and will often find it difficult to mature the cells into types of tissue.This normally occurs as the cells are created from embryos that are no more than just four days old at which stage they are almost pre-programmed to have preferences as to what they will mature into.

Now scientists at University Washington have created a new line of stem cells from embryos that are just two days old that they label as being uniquely naive making them easier to program and convert into various different types of tissues. In addition to that the line has been logged with the National Institute of Health so that funded researchers may now apply to use the stem cell line in their own research programs.