Vision Aid Overseas Partnership Helping Sight Issues In Zambia

Vision Aid Overseas Partnership Helping Sight Issues In Zambia

The partnership between Specsavers and Vision Aid Overseas have extended their charity alliance in Zambia until 2017. This partnership will focus on rural areas and promote the education of glasses, health and eye tests. It's hope also is to support clinical officers in their move from college into work, concentrating on development and reinforcing the skills needed. It's hoped that ophthalmic nurses, technologists and clinical officers will all benefit.

Mentoring support will start at the new Centre of Excellence at Chainama College which will open this year. Supplies and equipment maintenance will be available to nine vision centres around the country.

In Zambia, one in four suffer from avoidable visual impairment. The results have been incredible since the partnership started six years ago and with the new three year commitment, the hope is to go even further with eye care and eye health in Zambia.

£800,000 has been donated by Specsavers through fundraising to this Zambian project and a further 633,955 pairs of glasses dispensed, with a whopping 86,360 eye tests! These figures certainly highlight what a wonderful job is being done for those countries in need.

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