Warning -Registration Required

Law in the United Kingdom states that in order to practice as a dispensing optician or optometrist you must be registered with the General Optical Council. If you are a business with an optical interest or  optical stock you must also undertake registration with the Council.This year the registration deadline falls on March 15 for 2014 / 2015.
 The Council operate on a fixed fee program and standard membership will cost you £290.If however you are recording an annual income of less than twelve thousand pounds ( Gross) then a lower rate of £190 is due.If you fall into this category you must register earlier via the GOC Website ( no later than 1st February).
 If a full application is NOT received by the end of March then your business will be removed from the General Council's register. Without the registration practicing in the United Kingdom is illegal and you will be unable to use your protected title of optometrist or optician. 

Don't delay and submit your applications today.