Winter Blues

Yesterday brought the hard frost and thick ice to my part of the world. I envied not, the team of builders that are working for me,  for despite the beanie hats and jackets the bare hands left a lot to be desired working with wet cement and the likes. But there is one area of our bodies we cannot cover up on days like these and provide adequate protection for. Our eyes.Extreme temperatures spell bad news for our most important work horses. Scratchy feelings, burning or irritation and blurred vision are generally pointers to dry eye syndrome.The chilly winds of  our winters, evaporates tear films which is the thin layer of the eye surface that provides it with a security blanket. With the central heating piled on while we are at home , and the seasonal temperatures and winds outside, dry eye becomes very common as we battle to strike a happy medium.
 For those of us approaching the fifty plus age range, the syndrome becomes more problematic. Menopausal women are prone to it as are regular and over-users of computers.Prescription eye drops are necessary to help your tear film remain intact and moist and a humidifier at home will help bring moisture into your already warm home.

Taking in extra fluids throughout the day never goes amiss and don't be afraid to don your sunglasses even if the sun isn't out to act as a shield for the icy wind blasts.