Advice On Holiday Contact Lens Use

Advice On Holiday Contact Lens Use

Recent statistics have pushed a Southampton based consultant ophthalmologist to urge people to refrain from using contact lenses whilst on holiday. It is believed that sudden surges in optical related accidents and emergency visits increase substantially (as much as 15%) during the summer holiday months.

Mr Hossain's call is not something new either, many organisations, including the BCLA have recently been highlighting the issue of correct contact lens hygiene and care. The British Contact Lens Association were most eager to impress upon people just how critical it is to ensure that users clean their lenses with the appropriate fluids, not tap water in order to avoid infections

Due to the increase in optical issues during these months, Mr Hossain feels that when we take a break from work and go abroad, we should also consider giving our eyes a rest too, by leaving your lenses at home in order to prevent contamination and potentially vision threatening infections.

Possible causes of infections whilst on holiday:

  • Poor lens hygiene
  • Incorrect cleaning fluids used
  • Over wear of contact lenses due to a lack of availability
  • Continued use during swimming
  • Poor care of lenses including allowing them to dry out in hot countries

The advice given by Mr Hossain is to, "take a break and stick to prescription glasses and sunglasses."