Age Old Advice

It's sad but true, that while we notice the ravages of age and its effects on our physical selves, many of us overlook the finer points such. Deteriorating vision is one such thing overlooked the older we get. It's way too easy to put the blurry vision, or the persistent eye rubbing ,down to a " long day at the office".

How are vision deteriorates is largely determined by our inherited genes, although our lifestyles and what we eat will also have a knock on effect.

As we plan our big 4-0, or big 5-0 parties, lets be sure that we can read the cards of condolences and see  clearly the people throwing shapes on our party dance-floors.

For all of you contact lens wearers, you should be having a one to one with your optician every 12 months. If you hit another birthday without having had the eyes checked, or him/ her providing you with a birthday message, you are overdue. 

If you add patients that are also diabetic or pre-diabetic, your eye tests need to be more regular.

Though you may be a desk worker, take every opportunity to fit a little regular exercise into your schedule. The cardio workout  will promote your circulation and oxygen intake which is vital for healthy sparkly eyes.

As the clouds begin to part, and more of the blue stuff makes itself apparent, don a pair of high sun protection factor sunnies to protect your eyes too. A factor of between 25 and 50 is worth the investment.

After your work,and play, rest up. Your sleeping hours will clean and lubricate your eyes free of allergens and dust that you subject your hard working eyes to during the day.