Are you UV Aware?

It's not uncommon for people to sometimes take more than one medicine at a time. One would hope and presume that this is done under prescriptive guidance of a doctor as there are obviously some medicines that should not be taken with other specific medicines.How aware are we though, of alternative risks associated with taking prescriptive meds?In the United States a Harris poll was recently commissioned to investigate how aware the general public was to the associated risks of ultra violet light and UV related risks in common medicines.The poll commissioned by the American Academy of Ophthalmology discovered that an alarming number of people were unaware that UV exposure built up over time can increase the risks of certain eye diseases such as cataracts and eye cancer.The poll used two thousand adults and published the following findings.Less than one fifth of those questioned knew that certain contraceptive pills and estrogen pills can increase UV ray vulnerability. A third had used medications that increased photo-sensitivity and half were unaware of the associated eye risks of  those drugs.

Just under three quarters of the total poll could not accept that antibiotics cause photo-sensitivity    and twenty nine per cent out of the group were aware that light colored eyes are highly susceptible to damage by UV.