Back To Black - Black Eyewear Italy

Back To Black - Black Eyewear Italy

This year see’s 50yrs in optics for Robert Roope who founded Black Eyewear in 2006. In this era it was especially difficult to fine black frames as all leading supplier had sold out. Taking matters into his own hands, Roope created a collection of six black frames, each made in Italy.

Since then, Black Eyewear has expanded and continued to grow with a new practice in London which opened last month, now the sister premises of their St Albans practice.

Black Eyewear has over 85 models. They range from ophthalmic styles to sun styles. His love of jazz plays a huge part of his designs. He said “I wanted designs from an era when frames were made by frame makers”. The frames styling ranges from retro to today’s modern styles.

So, the future for Roope and Black Eyewear? He is planning another location and hoping to franchise both here and abroad. With celebs like Fearne Cotton wearing his frames, a success story is firmly on the cards.

A very busy time ahead for Black Eyewear. I think we will be hearing a lot more about then in the future.