Cataract Awareness Month

This month marks the start of Cataract Awareness Month over in the United States.The effort is supported by the American Academy of Ophthalmology who, based in San Francisco, make up the largest body of health professionals in the field of ophthalmology globally.The Academy are sharing a question and answer format with the general public to push awareness of  diagnosis and treatment of what is now the most common eye problem in America with more than fifty per cent of citizens being affected by it.While surgery is the most popular method of treatment of cataracts, if advanced conditions are left for too long a period they can't always be successfully removed.

The questions have been generated from an online portal at where any question could be posed to an eye doctor and an online answer submitted. In total there were in excess of two hundred and fifty different queries surrounding the condition, and it is these that the Academy have formulated into the advice that will be made available during the awareness month.