Coffee More Than A Wake Up Call?

There is speculating research that alkaloids found in tea and coffee can contribute to a cataract prevention effect.
When the lens of the eye is exposed to the sun's ultraviolet light then a free radical compound is released into our bodies that can be harmful. Past research has already deemed exposure to UV rays as harmful and as catalysts to the formation of cataracts.
Caffeine found in drinks like tea and sugar actually inhibit the free radicals that are produced by our bodies when subjected to UV. As a result of this researchers from Baltimore wanted to investigate further and test the effect of caffeine on the formation of cataracts.

Mice with additional caffeine added to one of their lenses were exposed to Ultraviolet light. The researchers concluded that the added caffeine prolonged the health of the lens and counter-acted cataract formation while subjected to UV.

Further tests and research will be required but the hope for an accessible eye drop containing caffeine  in the future will aid sufferers of the condition.