Direct View through Google Glass

Hansons Instruments

A Spanish Doctor has become the first physician to use the revolutionary new Google Glass to perform surgery. He operated a complex knee operation using the new Google Glass over his spectacles and streamed  the entire procedure in live time to over one hundred and fifty doctors worldwide, each one getting the exact same " birds eye " view of the surgery.

The Google Glass is a pair of specs which incorporates a viewfinder, bluetooth, GPS,a mic and a camera and connects to a smart phone device allowing the operator to instantly access online resources and use the eye level camera in a hands free way.
With such a device, the possibility of infection from hard to sterilize computers in the operating room are minimal plus the "hand on" view means that live links up with Universities and training facilities provide breakthrough interaction in live time. Dr Guillen has described the device as
 " the university for all medical schools around the world".
The glasses run alongside numerous applications that are continually in development, one in particular that is making progress will enable ophthalmologists to examine eyes directly and to compare with results of Google’s “Search by Image" library.