Dry eye screening & treatments – see the latest advances for your practice

Hanson Instruments

Professor James Wolffsohn of Aston University will be demonstrating the latest diagnostic, screening and treatments available for high street optometry practices in the Exchange Auditorium at the BCLA Clinical Conference and Exhibition on Saturday, 1st June from 10am. He’ll be showing the latest equipment for dry eye and meibomian glands screening – the Me-Check and treatment – the Eye-Light OPE (IPL) with Light Modulation (LLLT) - during the Dry Eye Tech Live event.
Both pieces of equipment are manufactured by Espansione and distributed in the UK to optometrists by Hanson Instruments. Hanson are offering a very special deal at BCLA, the Me-Check is available for half price when purchased with the patented My Mask treatment system.

Lisa Evans, Director at Hanson Instruments, believes dry eye and meibomian gland screening together with the treatment system is an exciting opportunity for Optometrists. Patients are experiencing dry eye from a much earlier age and many people are reducing their contact lens use or are even unable to continue using contact lenses because of dry eye. For others, the increasing use of screens for long periods during the day, environmental factors as well as hormonal changes can cause patients to report dry eyes. “For all these patients,” says Lisa “having a quick, accurate, non-invasive way of screening which can be carried out in less than three minutes means a practice can offer the most effective treatment with the Eye-Light or My-Mask”.  Not only will your patients benefit from effective relief, but this represents another separate income stream for the practice for a small initial investment in equipment” Lisa adds.

How does the Me-Check work?
This is a small screening device which can be hand-held, placed on a base or attached to a slit lamp. The device has a camera which takes images of the Meibomian glands. The patient also completes a short questionnaire. Both images and questionnaire results are combined by the software in the instrument to give a patient their overall score for dry eyes. The Me-Check is designed to be quick and easy to use.
Scores of 0 to 2 can be treated with the My-Mask (LLLT), those with more severe symptoms scoring 3 or more can be offered treatment with the Eye Light OPE (IPL).


The interaction of OPE technology with tissue is essentially thermal and thanks to the embedded management software, it optimises the heat emissions, stimulating the meibomian glands to resume normal functionality.

Due to its patented and unique cooling module, gel is not required. It covers the largest treatment area of approx. 12 cm2 on the market, more than three times the size of other IPL products.

A more modern and comfortable alternative, the MyMask device is a lightweight mask that fits the contours of the patients face and delivering safe light treatment without the need to wear special googles. The thickness of the mask changes over the face so that the right dose of red light is delivered where it is needed to be cost effective.

You can register for the BCLA Conference on the day or, if you cannot attend in person, please contact Sales at Hanson instruments on 01527 501077 for a demonstration to be arranged for you.