Eye Cost to The US

An American study by the National Opinion Research Centre has shocked with their findings that the monetary value of treatment of eye disease in the United States is higher than the cumulative total of the Top 4 diseases, namely Cancer, diabetes heart disease and Alzheimer's. The costs of eye  and sight disorders totaled $140 million and has seen an increase of eighty billion dollars in just a five year period, as in 2007 the cost of eye diseases set the US back only $51.4 billion dollars.

One researcher and author for the study has offered the explanation as to how the figures are so high, as being that chronic conditions get more attention and that the mundane conditions like eye disorders are accountable for a large slice of the medical costs in the States.

  Gradual vision loss is becoming a concern due to conditions such as macular degeneration and glaucoma and can take place so gradually that many patients do not seek assistance until sometimes there has been irreversible damage to their sight. As there are no fatalities from vision loss problems the disease is considered a low priority.

 Preventative care is always going to be an emphasis as most of the eye diseases are preventable if they are recognized early enough for intervention medically.  Preventive measures can prevent people from losing a major amount of vision as well as money.