Eye Market & Big Data

A report from UK Health Insurance Firm, BUPA has specified that the way we provide healthcare will be dramatically transformed over the next decade thanks to ambitious technological innovation which is now targeting the health sector and the eye health markets. We are already seeing an explosive number of smartphone and mobile health applications that allows us to monitor and assess our own well being and allows multinational companies and developers to harness information from patients and deliver an almost made to measure healthcare program that long term will assist in the causation and cure of hopefully, many diseases, In the US it is estimated that a better use of patient data could easily reduce the amount of health care costs to the current government to the tune of between three hundred and four hundred and fifty billion dollars. Google have already taken their giant leap into the market with their wearable contact lens monitoring device for diabetic patients and has given the nod about its further ventures into genomics research and flu tracking activity research.
Calls for access to the National Health Service Data by health researchers and the British Government are swimming amongst confidentiality concerns and it is precisely these privacy issues that slow the technology boom in the health sector as opposed to current other forerunners like the banks or retail units.

Technology is promised to reduce the time and costs involved in pharmaceutical development and ultimately allow us to become our own guardians of our well-being.