Eye on the Royal Eyes

It has been announced today that a member of the Royal family has recently undergone corrective eye surgery.Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, the daughter of The Earl and Countess of Wessex and Granddaughter to The Queen has suffered from Exotropia since a young age. It is believed that she has already undertaken treatment in her infant years.
 The condition is the opposite of crossed eyes, and can be constant or just intermittent. At the age of ten, it is a condition that can occur at any age so she may have been as likely to have developed it in her  teens or well into adulthood.Congenital exotropia is a turning outward of the eyes from birth or early infancy and is less common than Esotropia in newborns. While it  is fairly common for normal sighted people to have a drift outward motion in the eyes, especially when at a point of relaxation, that is brought under control without effort as we " re-focus" some people may " drift" more regularly and it can reach a  point where it becomes a constant.Ophthalmologists should be sought for diagnosis and to rule out any additional medical problems that are not associated with the condition.

Lady Louise's mother has since become the Royal patron for the eyesight charity Vision 2020.