Flying Visit

A mobile eye hospital loaded with multinational ophthalmologists and eye care specialists, and the only one of it's kind at that, is scheduled to land in Kolkata, the capital state of West Bengal India,  in September of this year.  The unit will train various eye specialists while it is landed completing in depth operations on-board.

Its origins from the American based NGO Orbis has been in operation since the early eighties and has already visited and helped train specialists in ninety countries to assist in the prevention of sight loss.

Eye experts in the team hail from India and the States as well as Britain and do not exclude the importance and skills of support staff such as paramedic officers, nurses, and biomed engineers. While there an intense training and surgery programme will be carried out in conjunction with four host institutes.

A two-way audio-visual training module allows observation and inquiries to be taken regarding the procedures carried out on-board from classrooms while the experts can tackle their questions as they are wired up.