Fuel and Buy

While Australia are reporting the possibility of passports with eye scanner technology for security issues, one of our Big 4 retail giants has announced that they too are considering some ground-breaking technological gear. Not with security in mind however. This advancement is to target you specifically for marketing and advertising. As you drive into their petrol forecourts, an eye-scanning device in the guise of a giant screen will scan you and once you come to pay at the counter. an in-store screen will broadcast adverts that are targeted to you by your age and gender. This is the future of media advertising it would seem.

Tesco own four hundred and fifty petrol stations across the United Kingdom and every single one of them will house the new package which has been made by the Amscreen company owned and made by Lord Alan Sugar. According to a recent press release, the screens named OptimEyes could be used by the other British supermarkets at some point in the future as well.

In addition to your sex and age the smart OptimEyes screens will note the time and date of your visit, so for example if a queue of women is building up , the screen may promote a deal on a womens reading magazine, and early morning fuel buyers may be enticed by energy drinks.

Seasonal promotions of course, will be forefront along with ad-funded branded spots for large events like the Olympics for example.