Funding Boost for Eye Disease

In the United States fifty-two scientists in sixteen states plus four other countries have been awarded a massive sum in the form of grants totaling over $7.2 million via Brightfocus Foundation in Maryland, to start research on Alzheimer's disease,  macular degeneration and glaucoma, using tools designed  to help scientists better understand how diseases affecting the eyes and brain are developed.

With support from the Foundation,  the researchers in the glaucoma remit will look at why changes in the brain may contribute to the development of the disease  before any vision loss  has even occurred. The macular degeneration research projects will explore the presence of micro RNAs,  that may affect the functioning of the retina in macular degeneration as well as brain functions in Alzheimer's disease.

Since it was founded in 1973, BrightFocus has awarded $130 million in support of research, including more than $26 million over the past four years for research related to diseases of the brain and eyes.