The Future is Here

Back at the beginning of the year, Google X announced that work was going to commence on the building of a super smart lens that was to be loaded with tiny sensors that would test the eyes tear fluid during wear and provide a constant glucose level test of the wearer.The sensors were to be developed so small that they were totally non-invasive and set up to transmit wirelessly to a hand held mobile to monitor the blood glucose levels and help patients to self monitor their health and diagnose their diabetes outside of a clinic setting.Novartis has now announced that the new sensor contact has become a licensed product and now through its eye care subsidiary will work together to produce it commercially.

Novartis see this type of electronics use as being revolutionary in the management of many eye diseases and are already making development plans for advanced type units that can be implanted directly into the eye as a replacement lens, and assist in the restoration of the eyes natural autofocus capabilities.