Global Developmental Charity News

Interesting figures released this week, showed the extent of one charity's work in their long term and ongoing work to prevent blindness across the world from avoidable causes. They further work to integrate blind and visually impaired people so they are full participants in our society and not outskirt bystanders due to their conditions.

The Charity named Sightsavers have released the figures further to their annual general meeting and the report makes for interesting reading particularly on the revelation of the impact worldwide of sight loss.

They announced that just under fourteen million people had their eyes examined globally last year and 205,000 operations to correct cataracts was undertaken. In addition to surgery, antibiotic ointment meds were provided to twelve million patients to help treat trachoma.

The figures released show promising dents into the ongoing struggle of providing quality care for vision and sight worldwide with higher numbers of people being afforded tests and treatment where they weren't any previously, resulting in a huge change for many countries.