National Eye Health Week 2015 Set For September

National Eye Health Week 2015 Set For September

Pencil it in your diaries, National Eye Health Week 2015 is scheduled for the 21st to the 27th of September 2015. The UK's biggest eye health and vision campaign will cover a range of topics and themes across the seven day period, with a new subject on every 24 hours.

National Eye Health Week is now in its sixth year, and the annual event be with us again in the Autumn. The campaign from focuses on helping charities, professionals and organisations from the optics market to promote the importance of maintaining good eye health amongst the public and how we can help ourselves by attending regular check ups and sight tests in order to assess any problems in their earlier stages and look to treat and hopefully cure them in their infancies. It is of great importance not only to ensure your everyday lifestyle continues without being limited, but also to make sure that things we might take for granted such as driving, are activities we can continue doing, and safely. Statistically, the loss of sight is the sense that the majority of us fearing losing most over hearing and touch, but whereas ailments such as colds and coughs lead us towards our local GP instinctively, many of us are still unsure as to what the best procedure is regarding treating concerns we might have about our eyes and vision. National Eye Health Week looks to tackle these worries and questions head on.

It is perhaps unsurprising that a running theme throughout the week will be advising people of the importance of regular eye check ups, instead of waiting for problems to occur. Alongside this, other topics will be the affects that things such as the sun, technology and nutrition have on our eyes and sight, with many people still unaware of the damage that UV light can do if you are not adequately protected through your eye wear.

A big push is being made via free resource packs available from for not only eye care specialists such as opticians, but also other health care workers including pharmacies and general practitioners due to the volume of people they see on a daily basis with illness issues.

One major subject being discussed during the week is improving the general public's perception of eye health and what it actually means. It might be a fairly straightforward matter to the average person reading this, but a recent health survey indicated that the link between a persons self believed eye health and how it actually impacts on their lives is disconnected. During the report, it highlights that while many state their eye condition as being very good or better, a lot then went on to confirm that certain aspects of their daily lives are compromised due to poor vision. National Eye Health Week will look to help people gain a better understanding of what excellent eye health actually equates to and how deteriorated vision can affect activities in their lives.