Not Just Ageing

It is all to easy to dismiss the common signs of aging. Aches and pains are par for the course are they not? How would you react then, to distorted vision? Put it down to a late night, or temporary sun exposure. You may carry on regardless of what you are seeing or " not seeing" but there are conditions that require diagnosis and treatment quickly for fear of long term damage.Kaleidoscope effects in the eye are always best referred to an eye doctor as it is an early symptom of a detached retina. If left untreated, it can cause complete blindness.While an uncommon condition ( less than one per cent of people will be affected) it is wise to be aware of the possibility of such damage.Diabetics and patient who suffer from cataracts or have received surgery for such, or those who are short - sighted, are most at risk.The retina receives light  and converts it via photoreceptor cells into signals that the brain converts to an image. Its the main reason we have vision. With detachment, the gel that sits at the front of the retina begins to break down, peeling the retina aqay. If the gel tehn seeps underneath it can cause a complete separation resulting in floaters, flashing lights or a sudden loss in vision.
 Eighty to eighty - five per cent can be re-attached if caught in time.

Don't allow your sight failings to be brushed under the carpet as another reaction to age.