Not Quite Top Tier

A Swedish Health Consumer group has released findings from the Euro Vision Scorecard 2013 that names a top level tier of eye care providers that leaves the United Kingdom apparently lacking. The group looked into and scored on issues such as diabetes screening,  the number of cataract operations plus waiting times for eye health services when considering their results.

The initiative was part of this year's World Sight Day. European countries, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and the Netherlands all made up the top scoring providers, which UK based charity the RNIB have found most disappointing. Being branded in a Continental study as "third division" is not something our Government Ministers should take lightly when considering health provision to the British public. It was found, that along with, Spain and Italy, the eye health provision was a lot more broken up which could only manifest middle of the road performance and thereby poorer results.

A positive note in the individual scoring for the United Kingdom was that we were achieving an eighty per cent coverage for patients referred for diabetes clinics although we fell short of the four thousand out of one million interventions for cataracts operations as set out by the World Health Organizations recommendation.