Noting Figures

While  there are many reports in the media of eye health practice and it's shortcomings, it is also worthy and encouraging to take note of the improvement's that are reported and ongoing. One of those in question is the total number of patients receiving optometrists eye tests.

For the year ending in March 2012 the number of NHS sight tests had risen to  just under fifteen and a half million a 3.4% rise on the previous years figures. Out of these tested patients the Optical Federation announced that sixty three per cent had received a new or amended prescription with five per cent more of those requiring a prescription opting for contact lenses.

The High Street giant Optical Express has reported for the past year that a major milestone was broken when five hundred laser eye surgery procedures were made on professionals of eye health as part of an initiative to provide free treatment. They received eight hundred inquiries once they had released their marketing statement in August of this year and apparently sixty four per cent of that eight hundred were employed and currently practicing as optometrists  in Great Britain with the lie in number aged under 30 years old.