Optical Fundus Camera Market Forecast To Continue Growing

Optical Fundus Camera Market Forecast To Continue Growing

Forecasters believe that the coming years will see a continued boom in the optical fundus camera market with as big a jump in market value as 36% by 2019. Experts believe that the global value of the fundus camera industry will hit heights of around $300 million by the end of the decade.

A fundus camera is an instrument used by optical specialists and eye health services to photograph the interior surface of the eye, including aspects such as the retina, optic disc, macula and posterior pole. This is achieved through the use of the fundus camera which comprises a specialised, low power microscope with an attached high resolution camera. Fundus photography is also described by the term fundography. Optometrists and ophthalmologists use fundus cameras to monitor disease progression, as well as diagnose eye health conditions.

Market researchers predictions of continued growth in the fundus camera market is based upon statistics which show an ever increasing population age in the western world, higher prevalence of retinal conditions globally and technological advancements in the industry.

Quick statistics:

  • Largest market share segment: Non-Mydriatic Fundus Cameras
  • Fastest growing segment: Hybrid Mydriatic/Non Fundus Cameras, e.g. Canon CX-1

Fundus camera manufacturers won't have it all their own way however, as the growth in the market is expected to see a tail off, due to the wide range of refurbished fundus cameras that are available for purchase, which will impact new sales. The level of sophistication within the refurbished and reconditioned fundus camera market allows many optical practices and specialists to purchase and use high quality and technologically advanced units, without the high cost outlay.

Hanson Instruments offer a range of new and reconditioned fundus cameras. Manufacturers include:

  • Nidek Fundus Cameras
  • Topcon Fundus Cameras
  • Canon Fundus Cameras