Renamed Charity

As the world of medicine progresses at such lightening speeds, so too, do the general public's attitudes.

We see many changes taking place around us, and all are designed to help keep a bubble of safety, trust and security around us.

It was found recently that members of the public found the word "disease’ so off-putting that one UK national charity has removed  the word completely from its name. 

"The Macular Disease Society" is now known as The Macular Society as a result of the poll.  The news comes following research which had reported that many patients believed the use of the word disease suggested contagion. 

The Chief executive of the charity, Helen Jackman commented: “Many members have been telling us for years that they disliked the word ‘disease’. Our research suggested that some people felt it was so negative it may even put them off using our services, or joining us. Members already often left it out when talking about the Society, suggesting that they didn’t even like saying the word.”

Will this "spread" to other well known conditions? We will Keep an "eye" out and keep you posted.