RNIB Warning

How have you found your after care once you have attended eye clinic?Have you come away from your examination fully informed and confident that the next step of your treatment is going to be supported and successful?Well a worrying report has been released by the RNIB Scotland that claims that almost one quarter of patients that have received diagnosis of a vision- related condition are not told exactly what their diagnosis or prognosis is on leaving hospital.

Furthermore, less than one in 10 patients are offered formal counseling to help them deal with their sight loss-inducing diagnosis. Seems unsurprising when eight of the fifty six Scottish outpatient departments actually have the appropriate numbers of support staff available to offer the assistance to the patients.
 The RNIB Scotland is now campaigning to promote the need for vision support officers to health boards and local authorities and have a public petition in every eye clinic to assist in their bid to have more placements throughout clinics in the country.

Poll figures report that by the year 2030, four hundred thousand people in Scotland will be affected by sightloss with ten people per day currently being recorded as losing their sight.