Stem Cell Research And Contact Lenses

Stem Cell Research And Contact Lenses

Research has now found out a much better and possibly a cheaper way of restoring human sight. These researchers have found that by implanting a contact lens that contains stem cells will repair a human cornea.

The University of Sheffield are hoping that this implant (biodegradable) discs stem cells will multiply in the eye. The hope is that by rebuilding the transparent layer that is on the front of the eye (the cornea) the degradation of which is a worldwide cause of blindness.

Transplanting stem cells into the eye which are generally donated human membranes is the more traditional treatment for cornea damage. Over time the repaired eye/eyes lose the retention of the implanted stem cells.

What makes this new research so different is that these the new biodegradable lens actually contains small pockets of stem cells that serve as a constant repairing utility. Sadly, without stem cells a thick scar tissue, usually white, develops in the cornea and can cause partial sight. In some extreme cases it can lead to complete sight loss.

These clinical trials using these discs are expected to start in India as the overall thinking is that it may be cheaper and much better than current treatments.