Topcon KR-800S Autorefractor Launched To Improve Eye Assessments

Topcon KR-800S Autorefractor Launched To Improve Eye Assessments

In an attempt to improve the way eye surgery patients are currently assessed, Topcon have launched the KR-800S, a 5-in-1 combined autorefractor with subjective refraction with added testing features.

The Japanese optical manufacturer, Topcon, is based in Tokyo with affiliations to the electrical giants Toshiba. The company create devices for the surveying industry as well as the ophthalmology market.

How Does The KR-800S Improve Methods?

In order to assess a patient and help achieve optimal vision, two processes are undertaken. Firstly, objective refraction is studied via an autorefractor or retinoscope. This is the non responsive part of an opticians test where, using multiple instruments, a specialist will measure your refraction without asking for your input, to determine your refractive error based upon light being shone into the eye. Secondly, using different tools, the patient will then be asked to offer responses to multiple conditions, typically as they are sat behind a phoropter whilst looking at an eye chart. This requires a number devices to assess error. The new KR-800S allows for both tests to be undertaken using the same machine, without the patient having to move. Such a unit will also allow for a more streamlined consultancy process.

What Else Can the Device Measure?

  • Contrast Sensitivity Testing
  • Glare Testing
  • Grid Testing

These are all useful for diagnosing macular pathologies and suitability for cataract surgery. Such features are not normally present in many autorefractors and as such, the KR-800S offers a wide range of uses in one unit.