Under Estimates

There is always a danger that diseases of any nature are underestimated in how widespread they have became as some patients can present very few symptoms. It is believed that dry eye disease is one such disease that can wear this label.
 At a recent meeting in the United States, the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery advised that half of all patients being treated in general practice have confirmed dry eye disease, with differing severity of symptoms. Binary Symptoms may include photo-sensitivity, redness, uncomfortable contact lens wear, fluctuation vision and sensations of burning or itching among others.

In a representative case study of just under 8500 selected patients asked about the binary symptoms of dry eye, one case was reported in eighty one per cent of the patients, one to three symptoms were reported in over half of them, and four to nine of the symptoms in just under a third. Of the 8500, only nineteen per cent claimed to have no symptoms.