Vein Scanners


We all know the importance of our eyes. However, Opticians, Opthalmologists and their brethren will focus one hundred per cent on the health of your eyes.

Business and enterprise customers see your eyes as valuable commodities as well. Their interest is your eye as a source of biometric security. It sounds like something from a futuristic Tom Cruise film, but the reality is that the eye is one perfect unit of unique coding.

Every persons eye veins are unique to them, even if you are a twin, identicial or not, triplet, or if you were somehow cloned. EyeVerify want to incorporate eye scanners as security measures into new smartphones and laptops. Your eyes would literally become a key or a "digital fingerprint" for access to personal information.

Surprisingly no high tech super duper scanner is required. The developing system only requires as minimum, a 2 mega-pixel camera to get a clear enough snapshot of the eye. The problem so far has been having a front facing lens with this level of clarity, these type of cameras within smart phones are just beginning to be released. The scanner builds a virtual map of your eye veins and the subsequent identification takes just seconds afterwards to be confirmed. You can still scan if you are a glasses wearer.

The company are holding out for  a vein security system to be preloaded onto available hardware, and are not targeting individual users as yet. The trick will be in convincing system managers interested in the system that it will be one hundred per cent secure before taking off.