Warning For Children And 'Digital' Eye Strain

children and eye strain using laptops and digital equipment

Parents have been warned to monitor the effects that using digital devices have on their childrens eyes. So called, 'digital' eye strain, covers a broad spectrum of products such as laptops, computer screens, mobile phones, tablets and televisions.

A number of leading American optometrists have suggested that this matter is affecting upto 33% of their patients, with many complaining of suffering from headaches, dry or sore eyes. While this kind of condition is generally common place in the digital western world where most organisations and businesses rely on these products in the workplace, it is now becoming a much more common occurrence in younger age groups through heightened recreational use of these devices.

The large majority of the problem is thought not necessarily to be in the actual use of these items, but more in line with the concentration required when using them. Along the same lines, many believe that another issue is our desire for smaller and smaller screens and products, is leading to an increased need for the eye to concentrate, so as to focus, in turn causing blurred vision and eye strain when viewing for extended periods of time.

Child With Laptop by Alan Toniolo de Carvalho (Image)