World Council Of Optometry Moves From UK To US

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Currently based in the United Kingdom, the World Council of Optometry has announced plans to move from London to St Louis in the United States of America. The international organisation which looks to facilitate the enhancement and development of eye and vision care worldwide had previously housed its offices along with the College of Optometrists, but will now relocate across the Atlantic.

The World Council of Optometry, or WCO for short, is an organisation that covers the globe in its mission to help improvements in eye and vision care through humanitarian programs, education and the development of policies. Currently existing in 90 countries around the world, the WCO looks to constantly promote optometry where it can whilst also acting as a network facility and forum for its members to respond to public health needs and issues. Optometric services in well developed and established countries focus on expansion and research whereas areas which are in need of growth are delivered assistance and support where required.

Having spent seven years with the College of Optometrists in London, the move across the Atlantic ocean will see the World Council of Optometry team up with the American Optometric Association in St Louis. The AOA and WCO believe that the move will see the two organisations shared, 'collective determination to make eye health and vision care accessible to all communities' become a successful partnership.

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