Volk Lens

Volk lenses, or singularly a volk lens, are a brand of lenses used for diagnosis alongside a slit lamp, which in turn offers a bright, focal light source in varying width and height. A volk lens can be used to analyse the posterior eye segments tissues, in conjunction with a microscope/binocular with magnification adjustments.



The Superfield Volk Lens, has become the standard of slit lamp fundus diagnosis for today's discriminating practitioner. It’s ideal, 76x magnification and wide field of view make it perfect as the primary high resolution slit lamp fundus diagnosis lens. The SuperField® has been specifically designed for increased working distance from the cornea (7mm), making it more practical than competitive pan fundus lenses. Its small 30.2mm diameter housing also proves highly useful for dynamic fundoscopy, allowing the lens to be more easily manipulated in the orbital area of the eye, increasing its dynamic field of view to 116°.

The Digital 1.0x Imaging Volk Lens is a Slit Lamp Lens, Ideal for slit lamp photography

The Digital 1.0x Imaging Lens is optimized for the visible spectrum and was designed to reduce glare and reflections during general diagnosis and slit lamp imaging. This lens provides a high-resolution view of the posterior pole and a sharper image across the diameter of the lens.

For best results during slit lamp photography, it is recommended that you use this lens with the Volk Steady Mount. The Digital High Mag Volk Lens, Volk's drive to provide the best optics enables us to bring you a lens with the highest resolution available in a non-contact slit lamp lens.

The astonishing detail allows true 3D viewing of the retina making it an excellent tool to diagnose glaucoma in its earliest stages. The low dispersion™ glass reduces chromatic aberration for extremely high-resolution retinal imaging. High Magnification (1.3x) provides topographical views of the peripapillary nerve fibre layer. Outstanding stereopsis allows detection of optic disc swelling and cupping or serous macular fluid. Optimized A/R coating minimizes reflections and glare

The digital Wide Field Volk Lens, has an exceptional wide field views and high magnification. It has an enhanced double aspheric design and the multi-layer coating provides high resolution stereo views of the retina with minimal reflections. These unique features make it ideal for general diagnosis and documentation of slit lamp images. It has the widest field of view available of any non-contact lens, with views past the vortex. It has a magnification comparable to a 90D lens and has high resolution with minimal reflections. Excellent for Small pupil capability.

The Volk Lens 90D, Is the original Volk 90D lens that started the slit lamp examination revolution! The 90D features a small 26mm diameter ring design which is outstanding for dynamic fundoscopy. Volk's exclusive Double Aspheric optical design expands the usable viewing field beyond that of competitive designs. The Volk 90D has good small pupil capabilities, making it ideal for a quick look at the posterior pole.