High Street Favourite Changes Game Plan

One of our most well known branch of High Street opticians is changing the industry standard after more than two decades by making a guarantee to its customers that UV standard lenses will be provided for every pair of glasses supplied.

Re-use Drugs and Reduce Treatment Times

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Adhere to the Guidelines

While a gruesome report and one that has sparked social and media interest for what is  likely the wrong reasons, the report of a cornea munching amoeba in an unfortunate young Taiwanese woman has an important health warning that is generally to be adhered to worldwide.

The Future is Here

Back at the beginning of the year, Google X announced that work was going to commence on the building of a super smart lens that was to be loaded with tiny sensors that would test the eyes tear fluid during wear and provide a constant glucose level test of the wearer.The sensors were to be developed so small that they were totally non-invasive and set up

Testing with Penny

Breaking new technology in the land down under.New Zealand and Australian Optical Prescription Spectacle Makers have announced the release of an application and a book designed for children's enjoyment but with an added twist.

Kept Waiting

While it is good news that promising new technology evokes new treatments for eye patients in England and Wales, there is a detriment to the advancement in therapy and treatment.

Colour and Hypertension

n Japan, men who are recorded with high blood pressure are likely to suffer from colour blindness.

Reducing Depression


Spanish Healthy Living

 A well known antioxidant used to supplement eye health called lutein, has been the topic of a small research event by Spanish researchers who have been studying the high antioxidant levels of native extra virgin olive oil.Lutein has long been associated with the the maintenance of healthy eyes and extra virgin olive oil has always had a high levels of an

Costly but Clear

For sufferers of long sightedness, and wearers of glasses, a new plastic lens is promising to slash the percentage of those still needing corrective lenses following a relatively simple surgical procedure.The procedure itself sounds gruesome as it involves cutting the lens of the eye with an incision ( but it is just three millimeters long) and then the p

Tears over Wine

Trying to see anything clearly when you've participated in a little too much social drinking is the norm, but scientists have now recorded as fact that drinking alcohol has a marked detriment on your night vision as it increases the human perception of luminous circles or 'halos'.Scientists from the University of Granada have proven that our consumption o

Stay Shaded

While we are advised to wear sunglasses throughout the year for protection from UV rays in sunshine and snow, there is a percentage of the population that have to wear protective eye wear all of the time due to an eye condition called Aniridia.