Exploring the Links

As a by- product of research made by Boston Research teams developing human stem cells to grow human corneas, further information was released that will assist in the further research of Alzheimers disease.While looking in detail at the human retina, researchers have focused on the nerve fibres of the retina and have revealed that the thickness of the ner

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Burns victims and chemical injury patients along with diagnosed damaging eye disease patients may benefit from new research breakthroughs founded by the Massachusetts Eye and ear and Schepens Eye Research Institute who have collaborated with the VA Boston Healthcare System and Boston Childrens Hospital.Together the research study have constructed tissue f

Satellite Diagnosis

In the United States medical staff are researching the use of remote screening to detect retinopathy of prematurity.

Stroke Marker?

A super cheap eye test has become available  that examines in detail the retina of each eye. But the interest for medical professionals is that research is throwing up some interesting facts regarding sufferers of hypertensive retinopathy and the link with the increased risk of having a stroke.

Myopia Concern

Worrying results from a British Medical School have reported that the number of cases of reported Myopia are on the increase.


Research in the area of cancer is always ongoing and breakthroughs can effect many or one type of cancer.

Lessen The Light

An Optician based in Bristol, UK, has announced his fears that many of the young people of today will undoubtedly be suffering from vision problems by the time they reach middle-age due to the emitted light from various technological sources and also eco -friendly lighting which many of us have now been persuaded to use throughout our homes and workplaces

Lucentis Competition?

A leading product produced by Ohr Pharmaceutical has been used in tests against a placebo for mid-stage trials in patients with age related macular degeneration, still the leading cause of blindness in our pensioners and elderly worldwide.The licensed drug currently used for treatment  of AMD is Lucentis.

Allergens Warning

Up to eighteen million British inhabitants are sufferers of the dreaded hayfever and as our summer climes seem to have miraculously found their way to our shores, they are all in full throttle anti-histamine red alert.

Pill Warning

Previous studies have suggested that the hormone oestrogen, a key component of the Pill, might be involved in the development of glaucoma. Glaucoma is caused by a build-up of fluid pressure in the eye, resulting in irreversible damage to the optic nerve.

Depth Perception giving you strain?

My children have been nagging me incessantly for a 3-D TV. But talking to a friend who has been the proud owner of such a device for the last six months, I've heard reports of motion sickness from viewing it.

Track the Spectrum

It has long been understood that children with learning difficulties and in particular autism have great difficulty in keeping eye contact with other people.