Opticians Suffer During UK Riots

Along with the rest of the UK, many opticians are reporting criminal damage to their premises and theft of their stock during what has been an appalling week on the streets of England. With the eyes of the world upon us, and in particular the events unfolding in London, practices are doing all they can to get back on their feet.

Optician Discovers Brain Tumour

A young eleven year old boy, Ryan Hunt, is now in a stable condition following a truly worrying two year battle with a rare form of cancer that threatened to end his life.
stay ahead with the latest opticians events around the world

Upcoming Opticians Events From Around The World

With the forthcoming National Optometric Conference coming up in November, we thought we'd keep you up to date with events around the world that may be of interest to you:
free chidrens eye test that aren't technically free

Free Childrens Eye Tests or Detecting Vision Defects in Children?

They are everywhere. Free this, free that, adverts and promos to entice you to take up an offer from companies all over the world. However, one particular campaign has drawn criticism from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
association of optometrists

National Optometric Conference 3-4 November 2011

Note for the diary, 3rd to the 4th November 2011, National Optometric Conference (NOC). Heading back to Warwickshire, the NOC will be at Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth this year. The annual event will again span two days and we, Hanson Instruments, are proud to be amongst the sponsors of the event.
department of health logo

CET Allowance Forms Required By November 30

Don't delay, fill in today! GOS practitioners, you can claim back your CET allowance for last years continued education and training, totaling £491. Practitioners can make their claim with their PCT until the deadline of 30/11/11. "CET allowance payments are payable to contractors. A payment can be claimed by a contractor in respect of either:"
face blindness

Effective Treatment For Face-Blindness

Prosopagnosia, is the technical name for the inability to determine facial expressions and the recognition of peoples individual faces. The condition can be found in around 1 in 40 people, with varying degrees of severity, and can also be causes by trauma to the brain.
tesco opticians free eye exams

Tesco Opens Opticians Number 200

Tesco has this week announced that it has opened its 200th in-store opticians, with the latest new practice in Hungary. As well as having an enormous operation in the UK, Tesco now operates over 20 of these optical departments around the globe.
not just medicines, opticians too

Lloyds Pharmacy To Have Opticians In Stores

As part of a new venture by Lloyds Pharmacy to broaden the services that their stores can offer, it has been announced that new 'Health Villages' will also include opticians and a host of other services such as skin care clinics and physios.
harry potter and the increase in glasses sales

Children, Glasses and the Potter Effect

He wanders around with a magic wand, claims to be a wizard, has a pet owl, is regularly seen in robes, has a private (very) school education and is a proud owner of a very old fashioned pair of spectacles. Does the image of the un-cool, nerdy lad you used to know spring to mind or that of the high school heartthrob?
children and eye strain using laptops and digital equipment

Warning For Children And 'Digital' Eye Strain

Parents have been warned to monitor the effects that using digital devices have on their childrens eyes. So called, 'digital' eye strain, covers a broad spectrum of products such as laptops, computer screens, mobile phones, tablets and televisions.
Increased definition in veins post Vitamin C boost

Retinal Imagery Of Vitamin C Boosting Via Fundus Camera

We recently discussed the new study of Cardio Retinometry and the benefits to patients which an optician can offer through the use of fundus cameras to detect and diagnose heart defects at the early stages of disease. Our original blog can be found here: